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A popular choice for commercial applications in North Florida, but not the best choice for your home lawn.

Bahiagrass in North Florida

Bahiagrass is not pretty grass for homeowners in St. Johns County and Jacksonville, but it has been very popular with the FDOT. If you look at the grass next to highways, parkways, and many roads, chances are you are looking at bahiagrass. It is known for outstanding drought and heat tolerance and an ability to do well in areas that many types of lawn grasses fail. Bahiagrass is low maintenance and resistant to most diseases and pests.

bahiagrass for North Florida

Advantages of Bahiagrass

  1. Low maintenance compared to other grasses
  2. Disease and insect resistant
  3. A good choice for landscapes lacking an irrigation system
  4. Reseeds itself
  5. Grows thick enough to compete with weeds.
  6. With proper care, it can be an attractive light green color and even darker with nitrogen applications
  7. Does well in full sun

Disadvantages of Bahiagrass

  1. Produces a lot of seed head, which makes it ugly for lawns.
  2. Without regular mowing, it can grow very tall
  3. The seed stems are tough with a coarse texture and can wear out mower blades requiring them to be sharpened frequently
  4. Does hold up well to high traffic, shade or saltwater
  5. Doesn't do well in high shaded areas
  6. It isn't as comfortable for recreational activities as other grass options

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