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Centipede Grass

St. Johns Sod provides Centipede grass to St. Johns County and Jacksonville. It's very popular in North Florida. 

A Good Choice For North Florida Homes

Centipede Grass has been very popular in North Florida for many years. Many older neighborhoods use Centipede grass for its excellent heat tolerance. It is cheaper than St. Augustine, easier to maintain, and is more shade tolerant. While not as rich of green color as St. Augustine, it still looks fantastic in your yard and actually will stay greener longer in our North Florida climate.

centipede grass in North Florida

Advantages of Centipede Grass

  1. Centipede grass needs fewer mowings in a season. As long as you keep the length to 1.5 to 2.5 inches, Centipede will happily keep your ground covered.
  2. It performs well in more acidic soils with pH at 4.5 to 6.5.
  3. It needs very little fertilizing and cannot tolerate too much nitrogen.
  4. Water restrictions are common in North Florida. Centipede tolerates drought better than many other kinds of grass. It will go dormant, but it readily comes back to life when it gets water.
  5. Centipede prefers full sun, but it can continue to grow and look great in moderately shaded areas.
  6. Remains green longer into the fall: As it grows slow, it also goes into winter dormancy later than most ornamental turfs.

Disadvantages of Centipede Grass

  1. Centipede grass produces a lighter shade of green compared to St. Augustine.
  2. Produces thatch: Although this variety of grass produces thatch, spring raking will keep it going strong.
  3. Due to its relatively shallow root system, it requires a relatively flat yard to look best.
  4. Centipede grass will not do well close to the ocean.
  5. It is not the right choice for high traffic areas. The less foot traffic, the better.

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